Eat In not Out

As kids, we remember how exciting it was to go out to eat. Our parents changed us out of our stained overalls, fixed our hair and removed the dirt from our faces. We had the chance to choose from the long list of various kids’ meals instead of settling for what mom made. Of course my meal stayed consistent- fried chicken tenders   and steaming hot French fries. The point is we got excited about going out because it was a treat. Our parents didn’t go out everyday of the week for every meal. They would have spent tons of money depending how big their family was. Instead of going out to eat with your friends every chance you get, stay in and cook.

Personally, my favorite hobby is going out to eat to try different types of cuisines. When I moved out, this was the hardest to give up but saved me the most money. On average, I was saving about $30 a week. That is a new shirt from Forever 21 or the more responsible choice, 30 more dollars in your savings account. That extra cash adds up quickly. I am not saving to give up going out once and for all but do it in moderation. Make going out to eat a treat like it was as a kid and save the extra coins to have an adult treat later!

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