Dont let your money be a ghost this Halloween

Beware for ghosts, goblins, witches and zombies! They hide in the shadows and creep at night. You better grab your costume so you won’t be caught in their sight. But wait… the scariest thing just occurred, your bank account dressed up too! Don’t panic; this year instead of spending $50 or more on a costume that you are only going to wear once, just make one for way less!

Halloween can be expensive and it is the first fall holiday that kicks off the season. Before you know it, it is Christmas time and you are buying gifts for your friends and family. Save your pennies this Halloween and try out these homemade ideas that cost next to nothing.

  1. Tom Cruise from Risky Business– All you need in an oversized white long sleeve shirt, long white socks and a pair of black sunglasses. Oh and don’t forget a pair of whitey tighties!
  2. Dolly Parton or Daisy Duke- Grab your fanciest pair of boots, tease your hair as high as it can go and grab a pair of shorts.

photo (1)

  1. Caesar or Roman Princess- Have a white sheet lying around? Get creative and wrap it around your body to make your own toga.
  2. Social Media- Be your favorite social media. All you need is cardboard, paint, ribbon and some scissors. Wear plain clothes for the background.

The easiest and cheapest costumes come from your imagination. When we were kids we didn’t have money to buy a new costume every time we played make believe. Find your inner child and create your own costume this year. For more ideas check out DYI Halloween costumes on Pinterest `

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